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Chef Services for THC-Infused Meals

Experience Higher Quality Dining
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Fresh Ingredients, Euphoric Recipes

Personally Prepared for You

Meet Chef Jean.

Chef Jean has provided personalized and medicated chef services for Atlanta’s culinary enjoyment over the last 3 years. By combining regional Southern food influences with cannabis-infused butters and oils, Chef Jean’s delicious edibles have raised the proverbial gastronomic bar for diners all over Atlanta. Elevate both your pallete and your outlook with an infused, home-cooked meal today!


Green Bean Salad

Our meal was prepared and served like a piece of art. Each dish was perfectly arranged, meticulously dosed, and tasted stellar. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, I would *HIGHLY* reccomend scheduling a meal with Chef Jean!
FoodDude420, Atlanta, GA
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Chronically Delicious.

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